Heal Acne Scars: The Fast and Natural Ways You Can Use

For many people, acne isn’t just something that you deal with when you’re a teenager. Some people are afflicted by acne so severe that it literally leaves them scarred for life. People who’ve developed acne scars have to deal with red blotches and big “craters” on their faces. It certainly hurts their overall attractiveness and can ruin a person’s self-confidence.

Fortunately, there are a lot of treatments out there that can be used to heal acne scars. The problem is that many of them are either expensive or rather invasive – sometimes both. For example, one surgical treatment involves completely cutting out the scarred tissue and then suturing healthy skin over it. Most people would rather get rid of acne scars without having to have their faces cut open.

How to heal acne scarring?
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Another option is medication, such as topical creams. Some are over the counter, while others are prescription. The benefit here is that the over the counter pimple scar treatments are often strong enough and really have a noticeable effect on acne scars. On the other hand, the prescription treatments require getting a doctor to sign off on them. Furthermore, they can be expensive if insurance doesn’t cover them.

Due to unappealing nature of some of those options, many people opt to try out natural remedies that don’t involve chemicals or cutting. People are becoming more and more aware of the various powerful herbs and minerals found in nature that have useful medical applications, such as the ability to heal acne scars.

For example, one useful remedy that you can use at home is applying vitamin E oil to the scarred areas. Applying this thick, brownish oil to your face after you’ve washed it can provide very fast results. You may see a noticeable improvement after just one application, but after that the effectiveness falls off.’

Many people swear by this next natural home remedy used to heal acne scars. Simple squeeze some fresh limes or lemons, and apply the juice direct to your scars with a ball of cotton. Let it set for a moment, then wash with water. Over time, scars with a deep color will fade somewhat. Another similar option is to use a sliced instead of lime or lemon juice. Tomatoes have a high vitamin A content, and are rich in antioxidants, which makes them optimal for fixing up acne scars.

Yet another natural remedy involves making a facial mask out of a combination of sandalwood and rosewater paste. Once you’ve mixed up the paste, apply it to the affected areas and let it set, preferably over night. Sandalwood has a powerful cooling effect on the skin and it can help heal acne scars. Make sure that you wash the paste off your face completely the next day.

Many of these natural remedies can be bought or assembled for a very low price. Just keep in mind that they aren’t as powerful as some of the surgical methods, so your results may not be entirely what you were hoping for.


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