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Hi! My name is Rebecca Hall. I am a 23-year-old student currently in my last year of drama school in New York.

It is quite obvious that most of us have once been faced with acne problems. It is a natural issue we all face during our teenage years. And like many of us, once our “acne years” are finally over, we are left with pimple scars that can be a real impediment in our lives.

Thanks to the advice of my dermatologist, I have found a solution on how to get rid of pimple scars.

I have decided to share my personal story through this blog to help you do the same.

I hated my pimple scars, and I my self confidence was low

I was unfortunate to have had a really bad case of acne when I was younger. My acne spots are now gone, but until recently, my face still had scars that remind me of my acne. It is really depressing to have pimple scars staring back at you when you look in the mirror. It is even worse when you have to go on a date or have to attend an important interview or casting. Result: You keep roaming around thinking of how to get rid of these scars and stressing yourself on this matter.

When I asked my close friends how to get rid of pimple scars, it seemed that they all had an idea of what would work. But no one could tell me what would actually be effective. I decided to do some research on the Internet, but after several weeks of web browsing and researching on how to get rid of pimple scars, I was more confused than when I started.


I met with my dermatologist to find a conventional treatment …

So, I decided to talk to my family doctor, who recommended that I see a dermatologist here in New York. I book the appointment, and for sure, this was the best decision I made that year!

The dermatologist I met – in just one session, gave me a solution to get rid of my pimple scars. But before I get to it, here is the lowdown on the alternatives he mentioned:

  • Rubbing lemon, garlic or aloe vera on my face: Lemon and garlic have been used for years to help with healing and cleansing the body. Aloe vera will hydrate your skin but they will not get rid of your acne scars. These are more like myths than anything else.
  • Alpha Hydrox creams: This is primarily used as a facial skin care product. Because alpha hydroxy acid exfoliates any type of skin, it can be used to treat scars. Exfoliating creams will take time to remove scar tissue and the results are not always there.
  • Mederma gel: It works on a short-term basis, but over a longer period of time – usually after several months – scars that are massaged with the gel will begin to reappear.
  • Laser and Dermabrasion Surgery: This is the most expensive method and works if you are willing to take the risk. It is a surgery, after all. However, the appearance of the skin where the scar was may not improve. In some cases, the area where the scar was removed can actually become darker than the skin around it. The pores in the skin can also get clogged and require further surgery. You may even experience a very painful infection.

As a vegetarian who likes to follow a healthy lifestyle, none of these options were very appealing to me. I already tried rubbing garlic and lemon on my face without success. I would not undertake surgery and using prescription drugs did not convince me either.


So, how should we get rid of pimple scars?

He recommended an another alternative: A natural treatment. It is a face cream with natural ingredients, which is new on the market. The treatment is called the ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment. It is a dual action system that treats scarring and imperfections. This treatment can be used in the privacy of your own home without a prescription.

This scar treatment cream worked for me. After only ten days of using the treatment, I noticed a major reduction in the size of my pimple scars. I could not believe it! The first results became apparent within ten minutes of the first application. Some of the fine bumps disappeared and the surface of my skin felt smoother and more even. It took several weeks for the treatment to take effect to its fullest extent.

I cannot tell you how happy I was in knowing that I did not have to go for surgery or take prescription drugs. The ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment worked well. And now, a year after I applied the cream for the first time, my acne scars are completely gone and I have had no side effects. My self-confidence is back and when I go on dates or for castings, I feel really good about myself.

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how to get rid of pimple scars

How to get rid of pimple scars?
One year after I tried the treatment my dermatologist recommended, most of my scars are gone, and that is a fact!

Some things you need to know about the ZENMED scar cream treatment:

The ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment is not a preventive acne treatment. If you have acne, this will not reduce it. It is a scar healing cream. Also, it is a treatment that you need to put on your face diligently. You need to apply the cream everyday until you are happy with the results. Even though will notice a dramatic change after ten days or so, you will still need to continue the treatment to get rid of your scars permanently.


So, where can you get the ZENEMD Scar Cream Treatment?

When I first bought my ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment, I got it directly from my dermatologist’s office and I paid over $100 for a bottle. I did a bit of research when I decided to share my personal experience through this blog in order to find out where to get the cream more cheaply.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I discovered that you can get a bottle of the ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment online! If you order the ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment online directly from the manufacturer, they’ll give you a discount of $10 from the normal retail price. Additionally you get a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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I am pretty sure that this deal would not last for long. You can definitely buy the ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment from any drug store or pharmacy like Walgreens and Wal-Mart but I doubt that they will give you such a good deal!

I hope that this blog entry helped you learn more on how to get rid of pimple scars. If the ZENMED Scar Cream Treatment worked for me, I am sure that it will work for you. Oh, and one last thing, feel free to email me at rebeccahall1@ymail.com if you have any question. I would love to help you.

Good luck in getting rid of your acne and pimple scars.

All the best,


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